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July 2008

Posted by Jay Small

No one from Craigslist showed up in defense at a hearing where a judge ordered the free-classifieds site to reveal the identity of a seller (via Slashdot).

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Catching up to two posts from mocoNews.net:

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Perhaps local news media organizations should take a cue from General Motors' most radical attempts to change for the future.

Scott Karp delivers his characteristic high-grade analysis of that prospect, drawing from an article in The Atlantic that describes GM's Volt electric car project.

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Longtime Scripps compatriot David Johnson, writing at Lost Remote, uses exactly one modest paragraph to describe the entire history of the Internet's largest players:

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Juan Antonio Giner, friend from SND days, says the newspaper industry spends too much time "doing the same and expecting miracles."

True. His advice:

"The publisher of a $5 billion European newspaper group called me yesterday asking me about innovative U.S. newspapers to visit.

'Sorry, but no one does things different or better that you,' I said.

'Go to Google.

Go to Pixar.

Go to Facebook.

Go to Apple.

Go to Microsoft.