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October 2008

Endorsement overkill

30 Oct 2008
Posted by Jay Small

In 1984, I earned my bachelor's degree in journalism and political science. That second major instilled in me only two things: a deep-seated suspicion of all politicians, and an equally deep-seated desire to avoid friends-and-family conversations about politics in favor of doing my own homework and making up my own mind.

The Internet, circa 2008, makes that desire almost impossible to fulfill, worse even than four years ago, the last time I brought this up.

Posted by Jay Small

Two posts caught my eye for their discussions of print-online relationships:

Mark Van Patten of the Bowling Green (Ky.) Daily News, writing at MediaShift, describes "How the Focus on Print Hurts Our Newspaper Site":

Posted by Jay Small

Content site leaders pay more attention nowadays to measures of engagement beyond the venerable but flawed page view, per an overview from Jennifer Saba, writing for Editor & Publisher.

Be it time spent on site, page views per session, or frequency of visits per user, newspaper.com executives interviewed for the article want to grow 'em all.

Posted by Jay Small

I just got off two conference calls with slideshow-style Webinars in two consecutive hours.

In the first one, the meeting started at least five minutes late while participants struggled to get the Webinar slideshows to appear on their screens.

In the second one, the same problem held the meeting up for a couple of minutes. Not so bad. But about halfway into the call, a participant put the conference on hold, meaning the rest of us heard "holding pattern" beeps every 10 seconds or so from that one person's phone line.

Posted by Jay Small

Bloglines, long my RSS reader of choice, should either just adopt its long-running "new" beta service as its main production service, or fix up the "old" service it still offers as its default.

The default Bloglines service seems increasingly buggy. Case in point: When trying to move feeds around among my folders today, I got thrown into some kind of error loop involving the Ajax implementation. This kind of thing happens way too often.