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November 2008

Posted by Jay Small

Techdirt applauds new efforts to repeal or rework Sarbanes-Oxley, the overwrought post-Enron accountability laws and the mass of new compliance rules and regulations that resulted from them.

As someone who lives with the overhead of these regulations every day, I agree, it's time to take another look.

Posted by Jay Small

Steve Outing cautions that style-over-substance print newspaper redesigns miss the best chance to retain loyal readers from older audiences:

"The key ... is to retain older readers by making the thinner print edition emphasize serious, quality journalism, retaining or expanding your paper's watchdog role in the community. Forget the stuff that's solely geared toward attracting young readers; they're for the most part gone from print.

"Then use the print edition to guide your paper readers to the extra stuff and the goodies that are on the digital side of the business."

Posted by Jay Small

Links all wishing I had gotten to them sooner: