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January 2009

Posted by Jay Small

SI changed Web hosts recently, and you might find value in my related exploration of cloud hosting and utility pricing models.

I made the switch while inspired to learn as much as possible about these contemporary hosting options, and how a Web strategy/development business like Small Initiatives could share apparent benefits with clients.

Those benefits apply to businesses that need to start (or restart) Web efforts small, but aspire to scale rapidly and handle unpredictable bandwidth/traffic spikes along the way:

Posted by Jay Small

I get on a plane very early tomorrow to head to Boca Raton, Fla., for the Online Publishers Association summit (my day-job employer, Scripps, is a member).

This site may be post-free during that time. I know, how is that different from almost any other time?

It occurs to me I haven't been on a plane in at least two months -- not so much because of corporate cost controls, though we're minding the Ps and Qs, but because all my recent travel has been within my interpretation of "driving distance."

Posted by Jay Small

SmallInitiatives.com dates to 1997, and some of the little corners of this old ramshackle tenement show their age. One such aged component, my list of links to projects and presentations, just got a makeover.

Check out the new SI projects and presentations page, now fully loaded into my Drupal database, and sporting nicely compressed file downloads and better organization.

I will keep adding project descriptions in hopes of assembling a full-fledged portfolio of SI work: complete new sites, redesigns, presentations, and strategic consulting.

'Bout time, you say, right? Hey, if the Arizona Cardinals can make it to the Super Bowl, anything's possible.

Posted by Jay Small

If you're reading this, domain name service has done its magic and you are getting SI from its new hosting home.

I'll spare you the migration details. These days, changing hosting is like changing cell phone plans -- you just want the features you need, reliable service and a fair price. Not much sexy about it.

Posted by Jay Small

When a former boss and a former corporate colleague (not to mention guitar-playing pal) -- both good friends -- gang up to form a new venture, naturally I pay attention.

Not to mention the fact they asked Small Initiatives to engineer their Web site (a Drupal project, natch) and design corporate branding.