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Interviewed about video strategy, SEO

18 Feb 2009
Posted by Jay Small

Just in time for me to forget (almost) that I'd done it, today ReelSEO published an interview with me from September 2008 on the subjects of video content strategy and search optimization.

I'll tease you with an excerpt:

Q: What do you believe are the major challenges/obstacles for newspapers to get their videos out to the search engines and social media networks (and show up prominently in those spaces)?

A: Right now, it’s about the metadata. Newspapers' content organizations work … well, in a hurry, every day. So in a rush to post, we may not take appropriate care to tag our media assets and describe them in proper context. As a result, a 1-minute video from an accident scene, displayed inline alongside one of our text stories, may be almost invisible to search engine spiders.

Current generation content management systems, whether designed for newspapers or broader content forms, all seem to offer ways to enter and present metadata around media assets such as video. So it isn't a technology or tools issue. It's a time and effort issue, a very human thing.

Great stuff, Jay, and right

Great stuff, Jay, and right on the mark. Newspapers have been pretty crappy at building metadata around their assets, and it definitely hurts.