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... how any company that provides expensive, business-critical software as a service via the Web (aka Web services) can refuse to offer a service level agreement to customers -- or act like no one ever asked before.

That is all.

Posted by Jay Small

The marching pace of sucky economic news for American newspapers and their holding companies quickened again yesterday.

Papers' suffering began before the current economic crisis. We already occupied the front seats as the roller coaster started down this twisty slope. Sweeping global deleveraging makes quite the thrill ride, like an out-of-body experience during your own massive heart attack.

Posted by Jay Small

Greg Sterling reminds us why we all chase advertising dollars from locally focused, small and medium businesses:

"We're in a recession; everything is down including local. And local is harder than other segments because of some of the factors mentioned above. SMBs are hard to sell to and they don’t spend lots online. But there are millions of SMBs online in various forms today. As I've argued before, from consumer behavior perspective, local/offline is a much, much bigger deal than anything else going on online. It's just often hard for people to see it."

Posted by Jay Small

It appears people who still rely on wire-coiled Pringles cans for TV reception may have a few more months to pick up those Everybody Loves Raymond reruns without a digital decoder.

When I worked for a TV manufacturing conglomerate back in 2000-2001, everyone presumed the big switch to digital TV would happen on schedule -- in 2006. We also thought, of course, that one-gigabyte MP3 players would always be impossibly expensive or too huge to be portable, so I'll shut up now about what we thought.

Lumina Foundation for Education

Small Initiatives conducted a series of design, user interface and usability evaluations for the Lumina Foundation for Education, an independent, private foundation based in Indianapolis.

Work included:

  • Design evaluations of Lumina's printed member periodicals and similar publications from peer foundations
  • User interface evaluations of Lumina's Web site and similar sites from peer foundations -- analyzing all vs. a standard set of well-known Web usability heuristics
Scripps Interactive Newspapers Group

As an employee of Scripps, Jay Small developed a working model for a retail marketplace site concept called Spend -- a project that had emerged through Scripps' Entrepreneur Fund.

Small's work included:

  • Converting static Photoshop storyboards to working XHTML and CSS
  • Installing and configuring Drupal 5 to manage the site
  • Customizing Drupal themes and modules to provide all site functionality, including several views that had not been provided in storyboards
  • Training site operators on use of the system