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Posted by Jay Small

Elway had this way of looking at you that made you feel like you'd kidnapped his mother.

Ka and I took yesterday off work, expecting to share a rare day of down time. Instead we took Elway, our noble terrier mutt extraordinaire, on his final ride.

We knew the day would come soon -- he was diagnosed with late-stage lymphoma last month -- but hoped for a few more weeks of the ol' Elway vitality. Over the weekend, though, we realized he just could not run the yard, eat or even rest comfortably. We took him to the veterinarian, who agreed the time had come to put Elway to rest.

Pardon the quiet

17 Aug 2008
Posted by Jay Small

Last week it was business travel. This week posting will be light because I am working the annual online conference we at Scripps Interactive Newspapers Group put on for the local and corporate leaders of our newspaper division.

Next week I have no excuse, so just in case you care, I'll try to make things more interesting around here after the company confab.

Posted by Jay Small

Yikes. My home town, Harrisburg, Illinois, is flooded. The nearby, mighty Middle Fork Saline River jumped its banks following a two-day soaking.

Check the coverage from the local paper, The Daily Register (for which, not coincidentally, members of my family toiled through three generations).

Posted by Jay Small

If video killed the radio star, I may soon have to claim responsibility for killing Internet radio.

At 2 p.m. Monday, Mel Taylor, webcasting from the Newspaper Association of America Marketing Conference and Connections in Orlando, will interview me about the conference, the world of newspaper-based interactive media and who-knows-what-else.

Posted by Jay Small

My boss, Bob Benz, announced last week he is leaving Scripps to join a new consulting and product development venture that includes a circle of mutual friends.

Posted by Jay Small

The new design of this Web site means a lot more than just a visual dust-off. Small Initiatives, the company, no longer represents just me, my blog and my occasional Internet design consulting.