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Just in time for me to forget (almost) that I'd done it, today ReelSEO published an interview with me from September 2008 on the subjects of video content strategy and search optimization.

I'll tease you with an excerpt:

Q: What do you believe are the major challenges/obstacles for newspapers to get their videos out to the search engines and social media networks (and show up prominently in those spaces)?

Posted by Jay Small

Tell me, friends: which of the following home pages, each representing a major news site on the Texas coast, has a more appropriate sense of urgency about the impending landfall of Hurricane Ike?

Before you cite any bias on my part because the second example, caller.com, is a Scripps site: The first example, khou.com, is a Belo site that I used to help oversee when I was regional director there. I have friends in both places, and great respect for both organizations.

I just found it interesting that khou.com, right in the path of the storm, seems a lot calmer (too much so, methinks) than caller.com, which was in the path until about 36 hours ago.

Pardon the quiet

17 Aug 2008
Posted by Jay Small

Last week it was business travel. This week posting will be light because I am working the annual online conference we at Scripps Interactive Newspapers Group put on for the local and corporate leaders of our newspaper division.

Next week I have no excuse, so just in case you care, I'll try to make things more interesting around here after the company confab.

Props for RootClip

18 May 2008
Posted by Jay Small

NewTeeVee and Tilzy both give shouts to a project running in our Entrepreneur Fund at Scripps that, in my view, best fits the description of "I'd never expect this from a newspaper company."

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Recession? What recession?

OK, let me snap out of my Pollyanna moment there. Times are extraordinarily tough in the newspaper industry, but we at Scripps still believe we have much to gain from growing investment in Internet services and products. As such, we're hiring in the Interactive Newspapers Group.

Please follow the instructions for applying to any of the following jobs, which is another way of saying please don't contact me directly. I'll just slow things down for you and the hiring managers.

Posted by Jay Small

My boss, Bob Benz, announced last week he is leaving Scripps to join a new consulting and product development venture that includes a circle of mutual friends.